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Pump Service Industries

2 Euphemia Street, Jimboomba QLD 4280

Electrical Contractor’s Licence No. 55509
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Pump Service Industries

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2 Euphemia Street, Jimboomba QLD 4280

Electrical Contractor’s Licence No. 55509

Specialists in Pump and Irrigation Sales & Service

Retail – Trade – Wholesale

  • Building a new home, installing a water tank? We have the right advice for your pumping needs.
  • Large showroom - come and browse our store. We have some of the leading brands on display.
  • Irrigation designs, from home to golf course. Let us help you with the right choices for the job.
  • Water quality "up the creek"? We can help in providing advice to solve the problem.
  • Pump not working? We have a full workshop and onsite/mobile repair service.

We will help you to solve your pumping, irrigation and water problems!



There are generally two types of water pumps. Different in design and application they each basically serve the same purpose, which is to move water from point A to point B.

The first type of pump is the centrifugal design. This type uses a rotating impeller to draw water into the pump and pressurize the discharge flow. Common types include standard above ground and submersible models.

The second type of pump is the positive displacement design, the most common of which is the diaphram type. These pumps deliver a fixed amount of flow per cycle through the mechanical contraction and expansion of a flexible diaphragm.

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Orange UP600

Orange UP600 6HP engine driven pump with Robins motor


Orange UP650 Honda

Orange UP650H 6.5HP engine driven pump with Genuine Honda motor