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Water quality problems?

We can supply and design water filtration systems, from household to large volume filtration plants.

Whole of house filter systems are commonly used where tankwater or mains pressure is supplying the outlets in the house.

There are three main levels of filtering :-

  • filtering of dirt, rust, algae etc.
  • filtering for sediment, taste, chlorine and odour.
  • UV filtering for microbes/cyst reduction such as crypto and guardia bacterias.

Under-sink filtering is installed where safe, clean drinking water is required, often using carbon-block and/or UV filter units.

Rain water tank additives are also available to purify rainwater for domestic use. One of these products is TANKSAFE.

Filtering systems for household water, swimming pools or treatment plants may use the following:-

  • Cartridge filter systems
  • Sand filter systems
  • Ultra violet filters
  • Water treatment systems such as:
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • PH treatment
    • Softener
    • Iron and more …