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Pump Service Industries

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2 Euphemia Street, Jimboomba QLD 4280

Electrical Contractor’s Licence No. 55509

Not getting water to the house???

Before bringing in your pump for repairs, here are a few things to check first:-

  • Is there power at the power outlet where the pump is plugged in?
    • Check the outlet with another device e.g. hairdryer, lamp light!
  • Has your tank run out of water?
    • Check that a tank outlet tap/valve is not shut-off, and that tank pipework reaches the water level inside.
  • Is the pump making any noises at all?
    • Is the pump making a humming noise but not pumping?
    • Does it sound like noisy bearings?
  • Does your pump have an accumulator tank or electronic controller?
    • For most common household pumps the accumulator tank pressure is set to about 20psi. Turn the power OFF to the pump, open up an outlet tap to release the pressure in the system, then check the tank pressure at the air valve on the tank!
    • Is the electronic controller displaying any fault lights (note which lights are on or flashing)?
  • Does your pipework or connections have any leaks in either the suction side or the discharge side?
    • Check the pipework from your tank to the pump, are there any leaks?
    • Check for leaks from the pump to fittings/taps/toilets etc. around the house.

If you are still having problems getting water from your pump contact us for help.

Bring your pump into our workshop or have our technicians attend onsite.

All work guaranteed.